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Our life is so tightly connected to the forests throughout human being’s history; naturally a diverse culture phenomenon called forest culture has been generated. Forest culture and human life are interacted each other and both are changing continuously; therefore we have to summarize the previous experiences, understand the current situation, and explore the possibilities of the future on forest culture. Seminar on Forest Culture initiated by Beijing Forestry University has been held once in every two years since 2005. Here are the collections of presentations from the Seminars for your understanding and references on forest culture. And the articles on forest culture published in <> also are listed here for your happy reading. We also expect to exchange the understandings on forest culture with the interested parties globally by using this platform, which helps us have deeper and broader understanding on forest culture, therefore improves our life.

Editorial Board of Journal Of Beijing Forestry University

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Release Date: 2019-04-25 Visited: