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The 2nd Session of Forest Culture Seminar

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The second session of Forest Culture Seminar was held in Wuyishan city , Fujian Province in October 29 – November 1 2007, with Beijing Forestry University and Fujian Forestry Vocational Technical College being the co-organizers.

There were more than thirty three scholars from seventeen organizations participated the seminar, the organizations are: Beijing Forestry University, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China Forest Press, Northwest A&F University, West Anhui University, Central South Institute of Plan and Design in State Forestry Administration, IWCS (International Wood Culture Society), and AGA(Asia Green-Culture Association), Guangdong Rural Policy Research Center, Yunnan Forestry Vocational Technical College, Nanjing Forestry University, Henan University, The Fujian Provincial Department of Forestry, Fujian Forestry Vocational Technical College, Fujian National Forestry Park, Wuyishan National Natural Reserve, and Fujian Ecological Engineering Vocational Technical College.

Participants had wonderful presentations on the following twelve topics:
1) The role of forest culture in the promotion on construction of harmony society;
2) The relationship between forest culture and the building ecological civilization society;
3) The effect of forest culture on the management of forest resources;
4) The cultural research on varied tree species, animals and plants in forests, forestry eco-systems, and forestry landscapes;
5) Study on forest culture in different historical periods, regions, ethnics, and religions;
6) International forest cultures and comparative studies on Chinese and non-Chinese forest cultures;
7) How to study and carry forward the outstanding traditions of forest culture in ancient China;
8) Studies on forest management, natural conservation, forest tourism, and forest and forest aesthetics;
9) How to have education on forest culture by forestry higher educational organizations, research institutes, forestry enterprises and institutions, the media, forest park and national scenic area;
10) How to spread forest culture, including academic and public communications;
11) How to initiate the international cooperation and exchanges on the research and education of forest culture;
12) Others related to forest culture.

Editorial director of Beijing Forestry University, Dr. YAN Shuai firstly reviewed the activities of "Beijing Forestry University (Social Sciences Edition)" and introduced the first-built column of “Forest Culture” in Chinese Academic Journals, and expressed the concepts of forest culture and ecological civilizations, and suggested the framework construction of forest culture as a discipline, and starting comparative research on forest culture.

A group of professors presented their understanding on the concepts of green culture, the cultural connotation of forestry modernization, cultural dimensions of modern forestry development, forestry philosophy, and forest prospect of natural reserves. Their speeches and views were novel, clear, and impressive.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the case of forest culture village showed by Dr. HE Aijun from AGA can be recognized as the good start of research on forest culture from theory to reality.

The two articles, “Unearthing and sorting out the idioms for forest culture” and “Preliminary study on the symbolism of animals in Chinese gardens” from Professor GUO Fengping in Northwest A&F University were catching people’s eyes. The articles were having unique topics with rich materials and rigorous evidences, which provided the excellent ideas for the research of forest culture.

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Release Date: 2019-04-25 Visited: