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The 4th Session of Forest Culture Seminar

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Release Date: 2019-04-25 Visited: 

The fourth session of Forest Culture Seminar was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province in December 3 - 7 2011, with Beijing Forestry University, Southwest Forestry University, IWCS (International Wood Culture Society), and AGA(Asia Green-Culture Association) being the co-organizers.

There were more than seventy scholars from fourteen organizations participated the seminar, the organizations are: US Forest Service, University of Tokyo, University of the Philippines Open University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Forestry Administration, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Gansu Academy of Social Sciences, Center for Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity Conservation, Fushan Botanical Garden of Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, South China Agricultural University, Beijing Forestry University, Southwest Forestry University, IWCS and AGA.

Thirty-two participants gave wonderful presentations on six themes: ecological civilization, forest culture, forestry history, the issues on the laws of forest and environment, pastureland culture, and ecological and environmental psychology.

The contents of presentations can be grouped into two categories: 1) Macro study on biological and cultural conservation, such as the conservation of biological and cultural diversity in our country, the index system of ecological culture construction. 2). Micro study on forests culture and forestry history, such as cultural values and ecological effects of forest landscape, research the history of forestry in various historical periods, etc.. Meanwhile, three scholars from USA, Japan and Philippines respectively introduced the situation of forest culture and ecological conservation in their own country.

Topics in the seminar showed more profound and wide trend compared with the previous seminars. Delegates were no longer only simply discussed the relationship between forest culture and human being from forest itself, but also analyzed the role of forest culture in the development process of human civilization from the macroscopic point of view of the status and importance of the forest in the ecological system. At the same time, scholars from more academic areas analyzed the characteristics and development direction of the forest culture from the interdisciplinary perspective of material science, biology, forest landscape, and ecological philosophy.

Finally we can see the results in the seminar can be divided into two parts: i.e. history research of forest culture and modern research of forest culture. Every nationality inherits and enhances forest culture created by them, which provides ideas for future research on forest culture and sustainable development of human beings. The representations introduced the important effects of forest culture on forest civilization construction, forest operation and management, biodiversity conservation.

We have deep appreciations to Party secretary, Professor Wu Bin, and President, Professor Song Weiming in Beijing Forestry University for their fully supports and great attentions to the seminar.

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Release Date: 2019-04-25 Visited: